AA#3837: Reconstructing Leadership in a Culture of Change

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Change is an inevitable part of the 21st century. Its challenges present tangible opportunities for schools to make positive change happen. Leaders who are seeking to understand, influence, and lead the change process in their schools must understand the dynamics of change and the core competencies
required to transform and move their organizations forward. This academy will build the leader's
capacity to manage and incorporate change on a continuous basis by exploring the nature of change and the impact of building relationships and mobilizing others to accomplish shared goals.
In order to accelerate student performance, optimize learning, and improve leadership, academy
participants will:

*Examine change process complexity, assessing obstacles and identifying opportunities that accelerate
student learning
*Evaluate elements of school culture that foster organizational equity and effective collaboration
*Apply flexibility and adaptability to innovate school structures that positively impact teaching and learning.

Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE seven (7) business days before the start date of the program or if the program is canceled.