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AA#988 - Interpersonal & Team Communication Skills for School Administrators

Event Number 627-22 No address available. Map cannot be displayed.
Date06/14/2022     9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Presenters Gwen and Michael Onatolu
Intended Audience All
Location Online
Fee $175.00
PD Hours 7
Status Open
To Register https://kaneroe.gosignmeup.com/public/Course/browse?courseid=3027
Description This course is designed to help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict, and develop
effective school leaders and school teams. The course and supporting materials are based on extensive
field research on the psychology of interpersonal dynamics and utilizes an industry standard behavioral based learning assessment developed by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. The ultimate goal is to have administrators apply their knowledge of workplace styles to improve relationships and enhance personal effectiveness and team performance. Administrators will complete an online Everything DiSC (R) profile assessment prior to attending this course. The course content can help administrators and other school leaders to: (a) Identify the four primary communication styles in the workplace and explain the general tendencies and priorities; (b) Understand their own style and tendencies and learn how to adapt behaviors; (c) Learn strategies to manage the different styles; (d) Promote appreciation of differences across the styles; (e) Reduce conflict; and (f) Enhance personal and team performance.

Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE seven (7) business days before the start date of the program or if the program is canceled.