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AA#3813: Culturally Responsive School Leadership - Moving from Theory to Practice

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Date01/25/2022     9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Presenters Michael Allen
Intended Audience All
Location Online
Fee $175.00
PD Hours 4.5
Status Open
To Register https://kaneroe.gosignmeup.com/public/Course/browse?courseid=3026
Description First coined in the early 1990s a "cultural responsiveness" is a phrase that has become part of the
educational lexicon but not a part of the fabric of educational practice. Seen as the antidote to the hyper
marginalization of students of color and growing achievement disparities that plague our schools few
understand what culturally responsive leadership looks like in practice. In this Illinois Administrators
Academy three essential questions will be addressed:

What is culturally responsive leadership and why is it necessary?

What do culturally responsive school leaders believe?

What do culturally responsive school leaders do?

This workshop is based largely on the scholarship of Gloria Ladson Billings and Muhammad Khalifa.

Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE seven (7) business days before the start date of the program or if the program is canceled.