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AA# 1815 - Meeting Tips, Tools and Techniques to Achieve Results - Part 1

Event Number 617-20
Date 03/04/2020
Presenters Pam Rosa
Intended Audience
Time 8:00am - 11:30 am
Fee None
Contact Hours 3.5
Status Full
Description The focus of this course is on learning to use protocols to guide professional conversations. Protocols are processes for guiding professional learning conversations, whether they occur at grade level meetings, department meetings, professional learning community (PLC) meetings, or any type of interactions among a group of educators focused on increasing student achievement and motivation. The structure of protocols includes steps to be followed in various types of conversation, the time allotted for each step, and the role different people in the group play (typically a facilitator, a presenter, and participants) in the conversations. In this course, participants will: (1) learn about the value and types of protocols and how to design various protocols for different types of professional learning conversations; (2) how to conduct a Fine Tuning protocol for groups examining a teacher's lesson or unit plans, assignments, exhibitions, assessment tools, or projects; (3) how to conduct the Collaborative Assessment protocol for examining students' work that addresses student learning experiences; (4) how to conduct the Consultancy protocol designed to help individuals or a team think more expansively about a particular, concrete problem or issue from his/her classroom/professional life; and (5) apply the use of protocols in planning a meeting with a group of educators.