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AA #1886 - Analyzing & Strategizing to Prevent District Losses in Special Education Litigation ***Online Offering***

Event Number 616-19 No address available. Map cannot be displayed.
Date 01/29/2019
Presenters Dr. Christina Sepiol
Intended Audience
Location Online
Time 8:30 am - 1130am - LIVE
Fee $175.00
Status Cancelled
Description This course is focused on informing and educating school staff on the topics and practices that frequently involve special education litigation. By a review of the legal foundations and standards, followed by an analysis of case law examples, participants will be able to identify sources of legal guidance, including the risk factors for discussion by school staff when faced with legal situation in their own educational settings. In addition, this presentation will review those topics and practices that may be initiated in general education but have special education implications such as transgender issues, discipline, and responding to school crisis. Finally, participants will discuss and be able to identify possible resolution options in the different legal situations that they may face. Communication of litigation options to key stakeholders, including a rationale for each, will be a component of the resolution process.

Subject to cancellation due to enrollments.

Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE five (5) business days before the start date of the program, or if the program is canceled.