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AA #1794 - Making Assessment and Instruction Indivisible: Classroom Formative Assessment

Event Number 604-17
Date 01/26/2017
Presenters Jim Harvey
Intended Audience
Location Kane County Regional Office of Education
Time 8:30 am - 3:30pm
Fee $175.00
Status Cancelled
Description Assessment isn't just an event that takes place at the end of instruction. Rather, assessment experiences can be integrated into any lesson or activity and drive real- time instructional adjustments for teachers and real- time learning adjustments for students that increase achievement. Both teachers and students become data- driven users of ongoing assessment. Participants will: learn the critical components of the formative assessment process and techniques that scaffold learning experiences that develop self- regulated, assessment- capable students that are in control of their learning, receive tools to guide conversations with teachers that encourage evidenced – based instructional decisions that result in intentional teaching and learning, and learn how key formative assessment concepts enhance teacher practice that aligns with the Danielson Framework for Teaching.